Delta Cure - 3nd International Meeting | Milan, October 11-12, 2024

Scientific Program

On this page you will find the Scientific Program of the Delta...

On this page you will find the Scientific Program of the Delta Cure Meeting 2024 which will be held in Milan from 11 to 12 October 2024.

This is a preliminary version: stay tuned for the updates.

  Opening Session
11.20-11.30 Welcome by Chairs P. Lampertico and H. Wedemeyer
  WHO session - Hepatitis Delta: making a difference in low- and middle-income countries
11.30-11.40 Updated WHO HBV guidelines and recommendations for testing and diagnosis for HDV
11.40-11.50 Diagnostics for HDV: what we have and what we need for improving diagnosis in low- and-middle income countries
11.50-12.00 Hepatitis Delta epidemiology and experiences with HDV diagnosis and reflex testing in Uzbekistan
12.00-12.15 HDV diagnosis and treatment in Pakistan and the way forward for LMICs
12.15-12.30 Panel discussion
12.30-13.30 Light Lunch and Coffee
  Session 1 - Virology, Pathogenesis and Diagnosis
13.30-13.50 Virology: the latest insights
13.50-14.10 Pathogenesis: insights from liver biopsies
14.10-14.30 Are immune responses important in HDV infection?
14.30-14.50 New HBV biomarkers: any role in HDV?
14.50-15.00 Oral presentation (selected Abstract)
15.00-15.20 Discussion
15.20-15.50 Coffee Break and poster viewing
  Session 2 - Diagnosis, staging, HCC risk and antiviral therapy
15.50-16.10 HDV-RNA assays: performances and clinical challenges
16.10-16.30 Fibroscan and other non-invasive markers
16.30-16.50 PegIFN+NUC: predictors of response
16.50-17.00 Oral presentation (selected abstract)
17.00-17.20 Discussion
  Session 3 - Current and new antiviral treatments I
17.20-17.40 Bulevirtide mono and combo in clinical trials
17.40-17.55 Bulevirtide in EU: SAVE-D study update
17-55-18.10 Bulevirtide in France: multicenter study update
18.10-18.25 Bulevirtide for decompensated cirrhosis
18.25-18.35 Oral presentation (selected abstract)
18-35-19.00 Discussion
19.00-19.30 State of the Art Lecture and Prize: “My journey with HDV”
19.30-20.00 Transfer to the Dinner venue (walking distance)
20.00-22.30 Apero and Dinner
08.00-08.30 Welcome breakfast
08.30-08.50 Opening remarks Day 2 P. Lampertico and H. Wedemeyer
  Session 4 - Current and new antiviral treatments II
08.50-09.10 Bulevirtide in HIV coinfected patients
09.10-09.30 Can we stop Bulevirtide? Lessons learned from viral kinetics modelling
09.30-09.50 What have we learned from the Lonafarnib and pegIFN lambda trials?
09.50-10.10 New antivirals for HDV, phase II studies
10.10-10.30 What can we learn from HBV trials for HDV cure?
10.30-10.40 Oral presentation (selected abstract)
10.40-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.30 Coffee Break and poster viewing
  Session 5 - Round Table Discussion Moderators: P Lampertico and H Wedemeyer
11.30 -12.30 Hot topics in HDV management. Academia, Pharma, Diagnostics, Patient Associations
12.30-12.45 Closing remarks P. Lampertico and H. Wedemeyer
12.45-13.45 Farewell Light Lunch