Delta Cure - 3nd International Meeting | Milan, October 11-12, 2024

Abstract Instructions

Instructions on how to send an abstract to the Second Edition of...

Abstracts should only be submitted online through the Abstract Submission Form

Abstract Submission Deadline (only for Poster Exhibition): July 29th, 2024 (Monday)

Abstract acceptance notification: August 26th, 2024 (Monday)

Abstracts should be submitted in English. Abstract body text is limited to 3.000 characters including spaces. It is possible to attach a file (3 MB max) with graphs/images (not in the abstract text body).

It is possible to re-submit abstracts which have already been presented at one previous national or international meeting. However, work that has already been published as a full original paper cannot be accepted.

Choose from the established list of topic categories:

Virology, Pathogenesis and Epidemiology

  • The HDV virus: latest insights
  • Pathogenesis of HDV: the virologist point of view
  • Pathogenesis of HDV: the immunologist point of view
  • Epidemiology of HDV: to be revisited?

Diagnosis and Endpoints

  • Diagnosis of HDV: HDV RNA quantification and new HBV biomarkers
  • Diagnosis of HDV: Fibroscan and other non-invasive markers
  • Immunology of HDV in untreated and treated patients
  • Endpoints of HDV therapy

Current and new antiviral treatments

  • PegIFN monotherapy: efficacy and safety and clinical outcomes
  • Bulevirtide monotherapy: efficacy and safety
  • Bulevirtide combined with interferon: efficacy and safety
  • Bulevirtide: clinical outcomes and survival
  • Lonafarnib with or without peg-interferon lambda
  • New anti-HDV drugs

After abstract submission, a confirmation message will be sent by e-mail. In case you do not receive the message in a few minutes, please contact the Organizing Secretariat via email at this address:

The author who submits the abstract will be considered the Presenting Author and is responsible for delivering poster presentation if the abstract is accepted:

  • He/she is responsible for the accuracy of the abstract in all its parts ensuring that the first author and all co-authors have agreed with the content of the abstract.
  • He/she will receive via email the official communications from the Organizing Secretariat.
  • Abstract will be accepted only for poster exhibition. Poster orientation will be portrait (vertical), size 70 x h 100 cm
  • The Organizing Secretariat will take care of the printing of the posters that will be made available at the congress venue
  • Posters will be fixed by the Presenting Author in the Poster Exhibition Area of the Meeting Venue
  • All accepted posters will be published in the Delta Cure Meeting Repository
Abstract Deadline
abstract deadline
July 29, 2024